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If your goal is set one becoming a successful DJ, there’s nothing left for you to do but get your facts straight and start looking around for opportunities. Here at our website, DJJobs.org we would like to shed some light on the aspects concerning one of nowadays’ most popular jobs.

A DJ, short for disk jockey, is responsible for playing music in pubs, concerts and making playlists for radio stations. It’s probably every music-lover’s biggest dream. Getting known as a good, successful DJ is not easy, though. First, keep in mind that you are your own advertiser. You don’t get to go to DJ auditions or anything like that. People will get to know your name if you play good music, mix well and have charisma.

In order to be offered the opportunity to get started as a disk jockey, you have to get in contact with local pub owners and radio stations. Be humble and start from scratch. Aiming directly at the big leagues may prove to be a bit problematic, and a major advantage of initially playing for small audiences is that you have time to develop your style and improve you deejay-ing abilities.

As a DJ, you have to be familiar with as many musical genres as possible. Therefore, a solid musical knowledge is needed – dig up everything, from 60’s rock to this decade’s pop singles. Also, you have to be well informed about what is actually popular nowadays and what is trending. Even though you may have a inclination towards a specific genre, remember that you may have to play for a broad audience, therefore keeping an open mind is essential.

Before starting, get familiar with your gear – go through the basics of turntables and mixers, and get accustomed with working with them. You also need to have a solid music collection, and become informed with what’s new about mixing software. Putting together a demo might also come in handy.

There is one more essential thing in order to find DJ jobs – be professional! This is the best thing you can do in this industry. Being known as a professional, punctual DJ will help you get deals. After you achieved a bit of notoriety in the field, expand – who knows, maybe you’ll end up working for your favorite music station.